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Thomas Lemberger

EMBO Press
Deputy Head Scientific Publications
Heidelberg, Germany
SourceData (http://sourcedata.embo.org) is a novel open platform making it easier for scientists to discover research data published in scientific articles. SourceData makes it possible to share the core of scientific evidence – the experimental data published as figures – in a useful and transparent way. By linking results between papers into a network of related information – a scientific ‘knowledge graph’ – SourceData opens new ways for scientists to work with scientific articles as data-rich research tools. In this presentation, we will show how the SourceData platform can be used to integrate SmartFigures (http://smartfigures.net) in online articles. SmartFigures link the data to biological databases and to related data published in other articles. As such, SmartFigures enable users to intuitively navigate across papers through the network of interconnected figures, thus facilitating literature browsing and accelerating data discovery.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, September 30

10:10am EDT